About JLAW

"Helping business owners and entrepreneurs get the highest return on their marketing and advertising investment."

Jeff Lawler is a seasoned entrepreneur who has helped dozens of small and medium-sized business improve their marketing and advertising results and streamline business processes.

During 20-plus years spent working at AT&T, Jeff learned the advertising business inside-out. He was the #1 AT&T salesperson in the country for 10 years, a top-20 salesperson every year except one, a 15-time President’s Club award winner, and the only AT&T salesperson to ever win the Rolex award.

Using this knowledge, Jeff launched JLAW primarily to help small and medium-sized businesses save money and get more results from their ads. As he worked closely with these owners, Jeff realized that while most recognized the importance of marketing and advertising, few had the knowledge or expertise required devising and implementing effective marketing and advertising strategies.

He was quickly able to combine drastic savings in spending on ads with some simple but effective advertising and marketing techniques to generate positive, measurable results for clients – without them spending any more money out of pocket.

Jeff has expanded JLAW into one of Northeast Ohio’s premier full-service marketing, advertising and business consulting firms, providing a wide range of business services.

“We’re more than just a marketing and advertising firm,” says Jeff. “I consider JLAW to be a true partner with each of our clients. We take a very hands-on approach to help our clients grow their companies by maximizing their marketing and advertising resources and streamlining business processes, including business telephony and connectivity and back-office optimization.”