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Traditional Media

With the heavy emphasis by many marketers on new and online media strategies and techniques, business owners sometimes forget that tried-and-true traditional media vehicles remain just as important today as they’ve always been, if not more so.

JLAW brings decades of experience and expertise to help clients effectively implement such traditional media vehicles as Yellow Pages advertising, television, radio, print and billboards.

Television Advertising

Despite the explosion of the Internet, television remains the dominant and most viewed medium in most U.S. households. That’s why TV remains one of the most powerful marketing and advertising vehicles, allowing businesses to get their message out to a potentially much larger audience than any other medium.

Unfortunately, there’s a misperception among many small business owners that television advertising is too expensive for them, but that’s simply not true. As media brokers and buyers, JLAW can negotiate much more attractive rates for TV ads than small businesses can on their own. Highly targeted local TV advertising on cable channels as well as the major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox can be an especially effective and affordable strategy for small businesses.


Radio Advertising

Like television, radio is an old-school traditional medium that’s overlooked by many marketers today but remains extremely effective and affordable. Research indicates that radio ranks right behind TV in terms of the number of hours each year Americans spend with the medium-and well ahead of the Internet.

Two of the primary benefits of radio advertising are targeting and reach. By selecting your stations and time slots strategically, you can get your message out to highly targeted audiences that are more prone to buy your products or services. And the reach of radio is truly astonishing: there are more than 541 million radios in use in the world today, and there are more than 5 radios in every home in the U.S. As media brokers and buyers, JLAW can negotiate very attractive radio advertising rates for small businesses.

Print Advertising and Collateral Material

These types of media allow highly targeted advertising to niche markets, whether by industry or geographic area. Trade magazines, for example, allow you to reach decision makers in specific niche industries, while newspapers and billboards provide valuable exposure to customers in specific locations.

Remember that everything your company hands out to customers – brochures, pamphlets, folders, newsletters, etc. – should have a clean, professional look and a consistent style and tone. JLAW will work closely with you to devise the right look and feel to represent your company and create a package of collateral material that reflects this.


Billboard Advertising

Think about how many billboards you drive past every day. That’s one of the beauties of billboards: They’re “on” 24-7. While not as targeted as radio or TV, they are ubiquitous-thousands of your potential new customers drive past them each and every day.

And a well-designed billboard is guaranteed to grab drivers’ attention. Even if it’s just for a brief moment, this can be an extremely effective branding and awareness tool for your business.

Yellow Pages Advertising

Many businesses depend on Yellow Pages ads to generate consistent leads and sales. JLAW Media specializes in negotiating with the Yellow Pages to save our clients big money and generate more results from these expenditures.
Our 20-plus years of insider experience working at AT&T has taught us all of the discount rules and other tactics that can optimize our clients’ Yellow Pages experience. Using the money saved here, we can then recommend other media that will help accomplish our clients’ marketing and advertising objectives.