Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

“Image is everything,” Andre Aggasi famously stated in the 1980s camera commercial. Well, guess what? It was true then and still is today! Yet access to a computer tempts many to design their own logo and letterhead.

The very survival of a small business could ride on the image so it’s important that small businesses turn to a professional for their graphic design work.

JLAW’s graphic designers are experienced in all different types of media, including both print and online.

Corporate Branding, Image and Identity:

Creating a credible and professional image is critical for any business, regardless of its size. The right branding and identity, in fact, can help smaller companies compete on a more level playing field with large competitors. In today’s virtual world, a small business can make itself look just as big and important as a Fortune 1000 corporation – and JLAW can help you pull it off.

Every touchpoint your business has with customers and prospects is an opportunity to present either a positive or negative impression of your company’s image, identity and brand. The impression they take away will depend largely on the quality of your materials (printed and online) and the consistency of your message.

Present an amateur-looking logo, letterhead and website to the public and they’ll perceive you as an amateur in everything else you do. Present a clean, professional look in all your touchpoints and this will influence customers’ and prospects’ impression of your business and your expertise.

JLAW can help your business present the right corporate image by developing with you a comprehensive corporate branding campaign and corporate identity package.

Corporate Logos

A clean, professional-looking logo is central to any corporate branding and identity effort. JLAW will custom design a new logo for your business that reflects the proper image and style for your industry and your clients, or work with you to tweak or redesign your existing logo so that it better reflects the image you want to project.