Business Services

"Helping business owners and entrepreneurs get the highest return on their marketing and advertising investment."

Business Services

Entrepreneurs and owners depend on a wide range of services to keep their businesses operating smoothly. JLAW can help you by providing business services in the following areas:

Business Analysis and Consulting

One of the biggest things working against most small business owners and entrepreneurs is that it’s hard to see your business from the perspective of your customers and prospects. This is where JLAW can play a valuable role.

We can come into your business and view things from an outsider’s perspective, which makes it easier for us to spot potential problems and opportunities that aren’t so obvious to you. From this perspective, we will analyze where your business currently is and what it will take to get your business where you want it to go.

Staff Improvement

We can help you boost staff productivity with a variety of different types of staff improvement services, including:

Business Coaching – The most successful athletes in the world receive regular coaching, so why shouldn’t someone who’s responsible for running a business enterprise?

With professional business coaching from JLAW , you will experience a fundamental and permanent shift in how you view your business. We will come alongside you to offer unbiased, objective advice and assistance, as well as support, guidance, accountability and encouragement.

Sales Training – Many small business owners make the mistake of hiring competent salespeople but not giving them the training and tools they need to be successful. Our experience has taught us that, given the right training in basic sales skills, practically anyone can be an above-average sales performer.

JLAW will train your salespeople in the psychology of selling and leverage their individual talents with your company’s unique selling proposition to quickly increase your sales and your bottom line.


Many small businesses have discovered the benefits of outsourcing tasks that don’t fall within their core competency – things like IT and PC support, payroll and accounting, and telecommunications, for example. JLAW can connect you with experienced and cost-effective resources who can handle these non-essential tasks for you, freeing you up to spend more time focusing on your core business.